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Mohammad M. Waheed
60 East Main St
Kings Park, New York 11754
Title: Real Estate Salesman USA
Realtor Info:
I am a licensed real estate agent working in the Marlboro New York area. Give me a call.

Barbara Wattaul
60 East Main St
Kings Park, New York 11754
Title: Salesperson for Homes and Estates
Realtor Info:
Hi. I am a licensed real estate salesperson living and working in Suffolk County. I do business primarily in the hamlets of Miller Place, Mt. Sinai, Port Jefferson and Stony Brook, and speak Polish as well as English. I'll be happy to help with your next real estate transaction; please feel free to give me a call.

Brett Wilson
60 East Main St
Kings Park, NY 11754
Title: Salesperson
Realtor Info:
I'm a licensed real estate salesperson living on Long Island and working in Nassau County. I am also a preacher and a member of the Long Island Board of Realtors with access to thousands of listings. Give me a call and you will see a level of service unheard of in the real estate business today.