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Licensed Real Estate Associate Testimonials

As a Real Estate Associate Broker with your company since 2010, I must say that the Agent-Centric Era of Real Estate Brokerage is here to stay and more and more of the Keystone model will arise. As a Realtor with 21 plus years of experience, I picked Keystone primarily for it high commission payout and secondly for its supportive and friendly staff. The online tools and resources are second to none, especially the FREE marketing tools. As an independent contractor, Keystone Realty allowed me a platform to cut my overhead cost and keep more money in my wallet. You need no other team, other than The Keystone TEAM.

Moses Seuram
2013 President Long Island Board of Realtors www.LiRealtor.com
2013 YPN Top 20 Under 40 Lifetime Achievement Award
2011 REALTORS Honor Society 2010 REALTOR Salesperson Of The Year
Director, National Association of Realtors
Executive Director, New York State Association of Realtors
KeystoneRealtyusa.com Moses Seuram, Realtor
Licensed Real Estate Associate Broker.

As a Realtor that has been in the business for over 12 years I have never had a better home than Keystone Realty! I have worked for most of the big companies (Century 21, Prudential, and a few other small companies) but I have never been happier then when I made the move to Keystone Realty. Keystone Realty is Responsive to all my requests but yet offers me the flexibility to continue to build my business the way I want too. My checks always come to my mailbox within days of sending my complete closing package to the office. I specialize in working with investors to renovate foreclosures and resell same with me so my time is valuable. Keystone offers me the flexibility to work and spend my time building my business and making money instead of spending hours a day on meetings that don't make any successful Realtors more money. I recommend you make the move to 100% payout with 100% support! The only regret I have is that I did not come to Keystone Realty sooner… Want to talk with me personally and ask me my experience?

Thank You For Your Trust,
Ronald Logallo Jr.
Your Local Real Estate Guy

In 2015 after becoming an Associate Broker, I decided it was time to make an office change, so after One of the best things I could have done as an agent was to join Keystone Realty USA. I've been with the company since March of 2008 and I'm grateful to work with such talented people. They're always available when I need the help and the web site has all the resources and information I need. I'm very passionate about being a self-starter and Keystone Realty allows me to have my independence as well as a great payout option (80 or 100%!!). If you're looking to grow as an agent then this is the place for you!

Irma Segura
Licensed Real Estate Agent
Keystone Realty USA
Certified Buyer Representative
Certified Distressed Property Expert
Certified Short Sale Specialists.

It was an excellent choice for me when I decided to work for Keystone Realty USA. I create my own schedule, I have my freedom, and I keep 100% of my commission. I highly recommend Keystone to Licensed Realtors.

Paraskevi Voula Diakovasilis
Licensed Realtor Salesperson
Keystone Realty USA

Coming to work for Keystone Realty was one of the best decisions that I have made. I still have access to all of the resources that the other brokers offer, and I get to keep the commission that I have earned. Everyone in the office is friendly and always available if I need anything. I've had a great experience with this company. Every transaction has been smooth. Everyone benefits when dealing with this company. It’s a win-win situation for everyone involved. It has been a pleasure working for Keystone Realty USA. I would highly recommend to any agent out there, to become a member of the team.

Reginald Aumoithe

Keystone is a great company for agents who want to work on their own without handing over a large percentage of their commissions. They offer the same marketing and services that you might expect only with "Big Box" brokers. The staff is great and I have saved a LOT of commissions over the years!

Sean McPartland
Licensed Associate Broker
Keystone Realty USA
Discount Full Service Serving Suffolk, Nassau & Queens

I'm a Licensed Salesperson at Keystone Realty and I feel more empowered by my independence of being able to work with a team of top Real Estate experts who understand the importance of the intricate process of buying and selling homes. The staff are professional and helpful when they are needed. I highly recommend Keystone for your next real estate sale or purchase.

"Gina" M. Tellis

Weighing my options, I joined Keystone Realty. The reason?? After working 7 days a week for 5 years, I revised my long-term goals to work less hours and earn more, and Keystone Realty has proven to be the best company to realize those goals. Previously, after working diligently on each transaction, a large commission chunk went to my broker, but at Keystone, I receive a check with only a small transaction fee subtracted. There is NO BROKER SPLIT!!!! Each time it inspires me going forward, work harder for my clients and create my own financial security. I work independently, but I also have access to excellent online training, a knowledgeable broker and competent, friendly staff. Keystone Realty has been the change I needed!

Cherry Lehman
Associate Broker Keystone Realty USA

My name is Syed I Zaidi and I am an agent with Keystone Realty USA corp for last 11 years, I love working with Keystone Realty because they support their agents every step of transaction from listing to closing of deals, Keystone staff is very courteous and professional and when you need them they are always there to help you, monthly fees charged by them is nothing as compared to services they provide, their payout is 100% and they charge a very minimal fees per transaction, God bless Keystone Realty USA corp.

Syed I Zaidi

Keystone realty is fabulous!! IT gave me the flexibility to work at my own pace and find forms and questions immediately on our web site. They are attentive to the representative needs and try to make our work easier. Everything can be a work in progress. We can still increase our efforts to create collaborations and facilitate our sales efforts with broker and agents / peers.

Lisa Tai


Chandrakant Shah

Keystone Realty has given me the opportunity to develop a recession proof business as a realtor in a short period of time. The staff and executive team are regularly available, but most questions can be answered on the company portal. There is a tremendous amount of valuable information on there. The information on the portal has also allowed me to create a marketing plan and I didn't have to reinvent the wheel. Another great attribute is the high commissions. Keystone Realty gives the agents the freedom and support to build a great business with the highest payout. Who can ask for more? Not me. I recommend this company to all my friends and family.

Joseph Romano
Licensed Real Estate Agent Salesperson
Keystone Realty USA Inc.

Dear Keystone Realty USA, I just wanted to add my comments to the chorus of voices praising their experiences with Keystone Realty USA. As you know, I was formerly a top producer for one of the large franchises and joined Keystone many years ago. I have found that the opportunity, technology, and support that Keystone provides to its agents are second to none! Now, as a manager of the Keystone East Northport Branch, I have been given the opportunity to take the enjoyment of my work to the next level. The tools that Keystone makes available to agents helps make the agents among the best in the industry.

Tom Moser
Former Coldwell Banker Agent

I have been a Real Estate Agent for over `16yrs. Yes I did work for different agencies. I have been with Keystone for over 7 yrs. The owners have been the most co operative and helpful. Should you have questions, or need help they are there to point you in a direction. I am extremely satisfied with Keystone, and have recommended them to others. Keystone is a positive experience. I thank them for letting me be a part of this Company.

Barbara Leggio

Having joined Keystone Realty USA not too long ago I have come to realization how important it is to be in a company that has the right real estate tools and the know how that is needed by every agent in this business. My personal assessment about Keystone Realty USA is that, Keystone Realty USA offers the most comprehensive, real estate tools needed by any agent on it's web site. Keystone Realty USA web site is more than real estate encyclopedia,the web site has everything. eg one can print all kinds of real estate transaction forms on how to sell, and how to contact home owners in order secure listings and many more. Besides having all these tools at the Agents disposal, Keystone Realty USA offers the best commission package which becomes difficult for any serious agent to say "No". My advice to my fellow agents, What are you waiting for ? Please join now! Keystone is the way forward.

Joseph Biney
Associate Broker

Every situation is different when it comes to real estate. Keystone Realty USA has professionals on staff that can help decide if a career in real estate is right for you. Contact us today if you are considering working for a real estate company on Long Island.