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Understanding Loan Refinancing

These Low Rates Won't Last Much Longer, Now Is The Best Time To Refinance!

Because of the low interest rates you've likely heard about, many people are choosing to refinance their mortgages now rather than wait. By refinancing, you can save thousands of dollars by taking advantage of the extremely low rates.

Keystone Realty USA can refer you to home loan professionals to specialize in providing a fixed rate mortgage, which have interest rates that do not fluctuate. The low rate you will receive will be locked-in for the life of the loan (until it is paid in full). You can also refinance your mortgage to shorten the life of the loan. You can also shave years off your mortgage by refinancing while the rates are low. If you have large credit card debt, refinancing is a good way to consolidate your debt and save your credit from harm.

Use the equity in your home to pay off debts. The interest rate will be much lower than your credit cards or other loan payments; therefore, you can use these low interest rates to help get out of debt.

Our mortgage consultants have been in business since 1979. In their 30+ years of service to the residential and commercial markets, they have placed millions of dollars in loans, frequently closing loans which had been considered hopeless possibilities. They specialize in “hard to place loans”, using a well-established network of banks and private lenders. Our mortgage consultant group is a highly respected team of seasoned veterans, who understand and utilize the most modern methods of financing to secure mortgage loans for all qualified borrowers.

Keystone Realty USA can answer your questions, and will be committed to helping you obtain the best refinance loan rate available by choosing the right mortgage professional.

  • We work with loan officers that get your closing cost fees as low as possible.
  • Our partners will be clear about any documentation that is needed
  • Our partners will complete the refinance process as quickly as possible.
  • We will make sure that the refinance goes smoothly and efficiently.

Interest rates are at an all-time low, and financial experts predict that we may never, in our lifetime, see rates this low again. Keystone Realty USA will help you look at your current interest rate to see how much money refinancing will save you. You can use our mortgage calculator to determine your monthly payment amount.

There has never been a better time to refinance, and refinancing has never been easier. Our mortgage loan consultants will walk you through every step of the way, so do not hesitate to contact us. Interest rates will likely never be this low again, so contact us now to let us help you with a mortgage refinance.

In today’s market place, creativity, diversity and efficiency are the keys to closing deals. We must keep in mind that any bank, mortgage banker or private lender, seeks only to sell it’s own services. It is the experienced broker that has the ability to guide the borrower through the myriad of lenders, to the end result: the most favorable program for the borrower.

All customers and agents are treated with the highest level of respect and understanding. Whatever the situation calls for our consultants will continue to work vigorously on the behalf of the borrower. The level of service you will receive from our consultants will be second to none, from the time of application to closing and beyond. Our consultants will always be there for you.

Your mortgage is the biggest monthly expense you pay, so refinancing is the best way to cut costs and put more money in your pocket. We have a consultant standing by to take your call, so contact us at 1-800-390-8083 to speak with a Refinance Mortgage Consultant.

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