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Dear Keystone Agent,

We haven now posted on this page a flier describing a new Pre-Approval and cash guarantee mortgage program offered by Fairway.

This program allows your buyers to be totally Pre-Approved within 48 hours and with that pre-approval they are guaranteeing financing to any seller they make an offer to.

This is a great way to compete with cash offers. Once your buyer is Pre-Approved it's similar to them being "clear to close." If the financing falls through for ANY reason, Fairway Mortgage will guarantee the seller; that they will either purchase the property or they will give the seller $10,000.

Understand the importance of this program, not only this allows all of your buyers to compete with the many cash offers currently being submitted on available properties, it separates your offer and makes it more enticing for the seller.

This is an exciting program, and all Keystone Agents are approved to use this Pre-Approval guarantee program going forward to help more buyers.

Fairway Independent Mortgage Corporation
Please call Keystone with any questions.

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