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Keystone Mission Statement

Welcome and thank you for viewing the Keystone Realty USA information hotline and mission statement. This may just be the beginning of a positive change in your real estate career! In the next few minutes you will read about the basics of why we are the NUMBER ONE independent realty firm in New York. We are now offering our cutting edge, technology driven program to agents in the New York area. We expect to be a national firm within the next 5 years. More importantly you will learn what a tremendous impact joining us will have on your real estate income.

Agents at Keystone Realty USA keep 100% of their Real Estate commissions, that’s right 100%. Our agents are the most highly compensated real estate agents in the entire Nation! How would it feel to earn a commission and keep 100% of it? It has been a phenomenal experience here at Keystone Realty USA. Dozens of agents per month are joining our company (just in New York). We give our agents thousands of dollars in FREE advertising for their listings. You might be wondering how we have managed to grow so rapidly, one very important factor. We treat the Real Estate Agent if they were our customers. Our award winning web site and extensive online training has given the agent the flexibility and the knowledge to do more deals, sell them faster, and do it cheaper. More agents at Keystone sell their own listings than any other Realty Firm.

Until we came along agents did not have a choice. They were forced to accept low payouts and no service from their brokers, and then we introduced a refreshing approach to the Real Estate Business. We are the founding firm in New York State, for the 100 percent payout option, and any firm out there that is similar to ours, is just a low budget version of a model that we have developed and perfected for our agents. New programs and FREE services are added each and every day.

Here is our program that will allow you to finally earn the income you deserve as a real estate agent. Its Simple, our agents pay only a small monthly fee, and only small administrative transaction fee. There are many, many benefits of being a Keystone agent. First of all you get to keep ALL of the money you earn. Also you are able to sell your own listings with our FREE advertising. By not sharing your commissions you are able to negotiate with the sellers to get their listings. This is why, on average, Keystone Realty USA has more listings per agent than most other realty firms.

Try us out risk FREE! We put in writing that we will release your listings for any reason.” We offer more service than the national Real estate firms and you don’t have to give up half of your commissions.”

So, that’s the basic idea of why hundreds of agents in the New York area have signed on with us. That’s why we are the fastest growing RE company in the nation, more money in your pocket than anywhere else. Stop allowing your current broker to steal half of your hard earned commissions year after year, after year. If you’re currently with another 100 percent firm, ask yourself this very important question. I get 100% payout, but what does my firm do for me? Our programs alone give our agents Thousands and Thousands of dollars in Free Advertising and exclusive marketing, and marketing materials. And there is one other thing you will get with us, a helping hand whenever you need it.

We will train the new agent and support all our agents in their real estate business. Our training can take a rookie agent to Top Producer, just within the first year. Our beautiful, state of the art offices provide computers, faxes telephones, conference rooms, and there will be more offices coming soon. Once again, our broker and staff will never compete for your business. Our mission is to help real estate agents make more money not put our hand in your pocket. We email out leads every day to our agents, and we take a proactive approach to helping you develop your business.

Well, that about sums it up, does it sound too good to be true? Well it’s not! It actually very real, just ask any of our hundreds of agents. We are currently looking for all types of agents; all agents qualify, whether you want to work independently or if want to work in one of our branch offices. We will show you how to develop a successful business. From the Rookie agent to the experienced agent, Keystone is perfect for you. We give you freedom and flexibly, freedom to conduct your business as you see fit and flexibility to keep all of your commissions. You can’t imagine how profitable your real estate business can be, until you keep 100% of your commissions. The only regret that you will have is that you did not do it sooner. Do the math, an agent making 50,00 a year gives away 50,000 dollars, so over 10 years, that’s a Half a MILLION dollars (Just given away). What are you waiting for? Think of you financial future, not your brokers.

So now what? Pick up the phone and call us (888) 452-6411 today. What do you have to lose?

Our friendly management team will be happy to answer your questions and schedule an appointment. All calls are keep confidential; Call us at (888) 452-6411. Mention this press release and a 1000 dollar bonus awaits you (if qualified)! Believe me, this will change your career and MAYBE your life. Can hundreds of agents in the New York State be wrong? Keystone Guarantees to Beat any deal by any broker in New York, PERIOD! We want to welcome you to the Keystone family and we welcome you to find any broker who cares more or offers more. You can be licensed with us in just few hours and all it takes is 1 simple phone call!

Thanks for your time in reading this message.

Join Keystone Realty Where Independence is the Key to Success.

Message From the CEO,